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AAHA American Animal Hospital Association, the standard of excellence for veterinary hospitals.
Angie's List Your review matters!
AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association
Care Credit Care Credit, your partner for the health of your pet
Facebook Visit BAH on Facebook!
Home Again Microchip Pet recovery system
Home Delivery Our online store
VIN  Veterinary Information Network: For questions about animal health
Breeders: the largest listing of breeders in the world
Pet Directory Breeders, supplies, stories and more!
Dog owners guide online magazine for pet and show dog owners
Puppy Finder find a breeder by zip code
Disaster Links:  
animal disaster links AVMA Emergency Preparedness
American Red Cross: Animal Disaster Plans Here's how you can be prepared to protect your pets when disaster strikes.
Diseases and Reference:  
Click HERE for an online medical term dictionary. Want to know what that immpossible to pronounce medical term means?
Disabled dog e-mail group
AVMA Care for Pets Page Health, stories, buying, safety tips and more
Blind dog connections provide you the support and information you need to help both you and your beloved dog
Cancer Information cancer information and treatments for animals
Pet mobile carts Developed by a pet owner for his Dachshund whose rear legs were paralyzed due to a back injury.
Feline Chronic Renal Failure Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center.
Deafness in Dogs & Cats Information on Deafness Prevalence, Causes, & Management For Owners, Breeders, and Researchers
Pets with Diabetes: home page Educational Information, Internet Resources, Personal Experiences, and Support for Owners of Diabetic Pets
Canine Diabetes and Blind dogs Having a diabetic and/or blind animal isn't the end of their life.
Canine Diabetes The information within these pages is intended to be a starting point for owners of newly diagnosed dogs.
Dogs with Disabilities Dogs With Disabilities is a support network for owners of dogs with special needs because of a disability.
Canine Epilepsy "All you ever wanted to know about Canine Epilepsy "
Feline Leukemia Support Site A collection of resources providing support to FeLV cats and their caregivers
Healthy Pet American Animal Hospital Association,
Canine Intervertebral Disc Disease Intervertebral disk disease is a major neurologic problem affecting both canines and humans.
Purdue: Paralysis Research The Center for Paralysis Research was founded to both develop and test promising methods of treatment for spinal cord injuries.
Pet Loss Grief Support website A gentle and compassionate website for pet lovers who are grieving over the death of a pet or an ill pet
Lyme Disease Network A non-profit foundation dedicated to public education of the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.
Seizures in Dogs Ohio State University CVM
vaccine information from the avma this web page will answer some of the more general questions you might have about vaccinations and immunizations.
Wheelchairs for dogs This wheelchair is user-friendly for both you and your pet.

What is the difference between a dog and a cat?
A dog lives in your house and sees that you give it food and water and says to itself, "Wow, these beings give me food and water without my having to do anything. They must be gods!"

A cat lives in your house and sees that you give it food and water and says to itself, "Wow, these beings give me food and water without my having to do anything. I must be a god!"
Dog Humor- "In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him." -- Dereke Bruce, Taipei, Taiwan
"I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." -- John Steinbeck
Cat Humor- "There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast." - Anonymous
"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this." - Anonymous
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals Inc. A Not-for-Profit Organization
American Kennel Club For the love of the purebred dog
Canine Diabetes Owner Information
Motivational Canine Artwork  
Poison Information:  
national animal poison control center In a life and death situation when every minute counts for an animal, you can call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for 24-hour emergency information.
avma poisoning pages A Pet owners guide to common small animal poisons
Poisonous Plants Cornell University Poisonous Plants Page
Rabies Information:  
Rabies Information Florida Division of animal Industry
About Rabies information page
Rescue & Humane Societies:  
ASPCA The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals exists to promote humane principles, prevent cruelty, and alleviate fear, pain, and suffering in animals.
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary For thousands of dogs and cats who lost their home or never had a home, and who are old or sick or just a bit naughty, Best Friends is a very special haven where they can build a new life and then find a new home.
Gadsden County Humane Society  
Humane Society of the United States Lots of articles and information
St Francis Wildlife Association St. Francis Wildlife Association P.O. Box 38160 Tallahassee, FL 32315 (850) 386-6296
St. Francis Wildlife News
From the Notebook of Jon Johnson, Executive Director
It's 11 o'clock at night, and the beeper suddenly begins its insistent call. Late night calls are usually emergencies rather than someone asking advice about what to feed a baby bird. This caller has a baby raccoon.
Tallahassee Leon County Animal Shelter Offers many services to the community including adoptions and claiming
Leon County, Florida Animal Control Division Improve animal and human well-being through education, prevention, and enforcement programs and humane animal care and control services for the citizens and animals of Leon County.
Travel with your pet: the internet's largest pet/travel resource